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Teras Cargo Transport

We are a full-service marine transport company offering shipping and logistics services for breakbulk, heavy lift, rolling stock, container, bulk and liquid cargoes.

Teras Cargo Transport is part of a group of financially strong companies with years of experience in the marine transport field. We specialize in delivering heavy and uniquely sized project cargoes to ports with limited facilities. We have vessels qualified to carry U.S preference cargoes.

Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Our team at Teras Cargo Transport is experienced in providing site-to-site management and transportation for various types of cargoes.

In addition to this experience, we can offer individualized specialty services to suit your company’s needs.

Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of versatile U.S Flag and Non-U.S Flag heavy lift and Ro-Ro ships. We can also provide unique support and transport vessels from both internal and external assets.

We offer multi-crane Ro-Ro/Lo-Lo vessels and a wide array of other support and transport vessels to suit your project’s unique characteristics.

Our specialty is working with large, heavy, and difficult to handle cargo while providing access to undeveloped coastal sites or protected marine environments.

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  • Office Locations

    • Main Offices

      • Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
      • Singapore, Singapore
    • Regional Offices

      • Brisbane, Australia
      • Houston, Texas, USA
      • Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
      • Sao Paolo, Brazil
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  • Parent & Subsidiary Companies

    • Ezion Holdings

      • Ezion Holdings Limited specializes in marine logistics and support services to the offshore oil and gas Industries.
    • Teras Offshore

      • Teras Offshore Pte Ltd, Through their subsidiaries and joint ventures, they develop, own, and charter strategic offshore assets.